Chris Fallows inspires students to push for their best efforts, without the need for constant compliment and gratification, instead focusing on the interior motivation of the feeling that accomplishment produces. Chris discusses some advice for a welcoming classroom environment, caring for students, and fostering a desire for excellence and achievement in theater that could translate to success in any academic classroom. This episode features some excellent tips for fostering positive relationships with students. I have seen first hand how much students love being in Mr. Fallows’ classroom, and I think you will enjoy this conversation with a few new takeaways for your teacher toolkit.

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In today’s episode we talk with elementary school teacher and creator of Pocketful of Primary Michelle Ferre’. We discuss about the importance of a work life balance and finding the right activities for you that refill your cup so you can be a better teacher for your students. Turning negativity into motivation.

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In today’s episode, Todd Weinert joins us to discuss how he transitioned from working from coding in Silicon Valley, to catching flies with second graders, along with advice for first year teachers, and rat circuses. Video episode here.

Todd talks about how an experience catching a fly in class influenced one of his students to a future career researching tsetse flies, and teaching math in the modern age.


Literature teacher Joshua Cauley joins Tavis and Danny to discuss teaching with purpose, advice for teachers entering their first classroom, how to make a genuine connection with a class, and amazing tips for equity and participation in the classroom beyond picking popsicle sticks. Enjoy and share with a teacher in your life!

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November 13, 2018

01 Why We Teach

Why We Teach - Episode 1 - Explores how Tavis and Danny began teaching, their careers prior to education, and their special experiences and memories that led them to become teachers. Tavis and Danny share a few of their favorite school memories, and how they are working to lift and empower their students for future success.