April 17, 2019

Ep 40 Panel Tamara Letter Kristen Nan Becky Schnekser, Jeffery Frieden, Becky Simon Talking Positive Teaching Moments and Social Media


Tavis and Danny host the first-ever group panel episode of Inspiring Teachers. It is a superhero team of teachers discussing highlights of the week in the classroom, and the positive potential of Social Media for teachers. 

Featured guests:

-Becky Schnekser @schnekser

-Jeffery E. Frieden @MakeThemMastrIt

-Miss Simon @HOWareyousmart  

-Tamara Letter @tamaraletter

-Kristen Nan @nankr1120

Episode highlights:

  • Positive moments from the week from each teacher
  • Jeffery Fried on offering choices, intentional teaching, allowing students inquiry to guide passionate learning
  • Becky Simon talks about the joys of first grade, being able to have big conversations, and checking in with each student.
  • Tamara Letter talks about changing lives with project based learning, A Passion for Kindness (https://amzn.to/2XmFf3v), and a heartwarming story of empathy building
  • Kristen Nan discusses how to build positive relationships, how students are family, and being yourself, while walking in everyone’s shoes
  • Becky Schnekser talks about science, adventure, and bringing learning to life
  • Tavis Beem talks about learning through successes and failure, and bringing the process of learning to progress and the journey
  • Danny Hauger talks about respecting people’s opinions on all sides of issues, and listening to understand the positions of others.


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Inspiring Teachers: 25 Educators Share Why They Teach by [Hauger, Danny]

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