Inspiring Teachers

Tisha Richmond talks about Culinary Classes and and Making Learning Magical Ep. 23

April 13, 2019

Food is already magical, but a teacher who inspires all of the ingredients for an excellent classroom? That’s inspiring! Tisha Richmond is a tech integration specialist and an interesting individual. We talk about unleashing creativity in the classroom, and making learning magical for students. Tisha is one of the transformative teachers who is finding new ways to make learning more engaging for her students.


The great part about talking to Tisha is the feeling of joy and passion she has for education. I also like the realistic way she approaches her lesson planning. She does not just mail in each class, she thinks about how students can improve their educational practices with her construction of thoughtful plans.

Video link for Tisha Richmond's episode! -

Inspiring Teachers: 25 Educators Share Why They Teach by [Hauger, Danny]

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